The Dylan ex Pepper Litter

Pepper was bred to Dylan on June 13 and 14, 2006. Whelping occurred August 13 and 14, 2006. We anticipate outstanding conformation and strong working ability. The puppies' pedigree shows the breeding to be an outcross.

There are five boys and one girl. All six are healthy, strong, and active.
All were over a pound at birth, except for Green Boy, who was 12 ounces - still a good-sized golden pup. (Each puppy is marked for identification with a nail polish spot on the top of the head.)

Bookmark this page to learn of the progress of the litter. To see the puppies grow, follow the links below.

To see the puppies' first and second days, click here.

Growth is excellent. Weight gains as of Thursday night were between 9 and 12 ounces since birth. See how big they are getting!

We have had some visitors - Dick's daughters Carol and Robin, sons-in-law Tim and Mike, and Verjean. Pepper is discovering this is work!

Here is a graph of growth since birth through September 19.

August 25-28 - you can see more growth. Lesley and Steve visited, with Pepper showing a little jealousy when Lesley picked up puppies. When Stephanie and Paul came on the 27, Pepper was getting used to her babies having visitors and was glad to see them.

August 30 found Molly visiting. Karen came on September 2, and she took a photo of the proud "papa" (AKA Dick).

On September 4, Dick figured out how to do movies with his new camera, so he did some of the puppies learning to be social. There is a long one and a shorter one.

Check out some photos from September 19.

And a movie from Sept 20.

Head shots were taken of each puppy on September 22. Check them out!

On October 18 movie clips were taken of the three remaining pups. They are large files:

4.8 Mbyte, 16.4 Mbyte, 20.9 Mbyte, 23.5 Mbyte.

Now that we have decided which puppy we will keep, he needs to have his OWN PAGE! Introducing...........

And here are the new homes and owners of the other five puppies!