Ch. Glengowan's Garryowen

Owen New Champion

Owen is a spirited, happy-go-lucky boy with a mischievous streak that has earned him the nickname "Owen the Terrible." On occasion he was called O.D. for "Owen d***it!" Life with Owen is always interesting. Now, as he has matured , he has settled down. Mischief is no longer the first thing on his mind. He enjoyed his time in the show ring (he is now retired) and his training sessions. here are his pedigree and clearances.

Owen's first point, Denton, TX, May 14, 2006

Owen's first point, Denton, Texas, May 14, 2006

Owen at home, March 1, 2006

Owen at home, March 1, 2006

2 more points - Longview TX may 16, 2006

Longview, TX - July 16, 2006 - Winners Dog and 2 more points