Glengowan's Man on a Mission, CDX, RE, MX, MXJ, CGC

Scotty has been enjoying performance venues recently, particularly agility. He has been working on obedience only since late 2005 and agility since February 2006. As his titles show, he has been quite successful. He received the Dallas-Fort Worth Golden Retriever Club Top Agility Dog trophy in 2007: he was its first recipient. he has earned over 400 MACH points so far. Thanks are due to his co-owner, trainer, and handler, Karen Couch.

Pdf files of his hip/elbow clearance, CERF eye clearance, ophthalmologist report, and heart clearance are available, as is his AKC registration.

Flash: A spectacular agility weekend, August 25-27!

Flash: A spectacular obedience and agility weekend, November 2-5!
Here are some agility shots:


Sooner State Kennel Club, May 27, 2006
C'mon, make it sporting! 2 to 1 on 30", OK?

OVTDC June 23, 2006

OK, that's the chute - whaddya want next?
(OVDTC June 23, 2006)


Weavepoles are fun!
(OVDTC June 22, 2006)

Here is a photo of him showing in conformation at Brazoria KC, March 2005.

Scott at Brazoria Feb 2005

Here is a video clip of his OA title run, Kansas City Golden Retriever Club, September 26, 2006.